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Everybody Loves

The Good Avocados

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Everybody Loves

the Good Avocados

The Good Avocados is a private collection of 1,111 Avocado NFTs (unique digital collectibles) each stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Made from 186 attributes showcasing their big personalities, hobbies, and superpowers, each Avocado NFT is unique.

Most importantly, The Good Avocados is a community dedicated to doing good – where kindness costs you nothing and can actually earn you cash. Join Discord to learn more.

The Origin Story

Why Kindness

Early in life our Avocados (Babycados) noticed that not all the others were growing the same. Some Cadokids were real nice, ripe with kindness and goodness. But for some reason, others were very rotten and unsavory.Noticing the negative impact the rotten bunch had on the community, the nice avocados formed a kindness alliance to reinforce the goodness of all avocados everywhere.  

United together by acts of kindness, the Good Avocados represent the inherent good found within each and every avocado anywhere. Many thousands of avocados have joined the movement, including a few rare avocados who were once rotten but now choose to be nice. Just as there are nice and rotten ones IRL, the same will be true in the metaverse. The Good Avocados community is committed to doing good on and offline, and gets rewarded handsomely for acts of kindness.

About The Art

Classic. Funky. Bold.

These Avocados have some big personalities. Algorithmically composed from 186+ attributes, every Avocado is totally unique. From Ripeness, to Seed, to Footwear, Eyewear, Headwear, Jewelry, Hero Capes, Expressions and Props- each custom feature says something special about each one.  

All the Avocados express themselves in unique and original ways. No two are the same; Especially in the way they demonstrate kindness. With these differences, and bound together by a common goal, they find a great sense of acceptance, purpose and belonging.

Community Perks

Kindness is currency

Literally. In our community, your kindness can actually earn you cash. Read that again.

That’s right, by being kind, you can make money. Isn’t that how it should be? Lol, NO! You shouldn’t have to be “paid” to be kind, but wouldn’t it be nice if you were? That’s what we’re doing.

Join our discord to learn how our kindness currency works. In addition to rewarding kindness with cash, we have several other exclusive benefits for Good Avocado holders. From crypto and merch raffles to new free NFT drops, all holders win something and some win big. Read the full list of rewards on Discord.

More Good Stuff

Holder Benefits

Free NFT Drops

Every Good Avocado holder will get TWO FREE additional NFT’s.

Exclusive Giveaways

Win ETH & NFTs in holders
only raffles.

Creativity Contests

Enter your artwork, writing, & memes to win ETH + NFT drops.

Kindness Rewards

Turn your kindness into crypto by engaging and being nice.

Good Act Fund

Vote and participate in our Good Avo Philanthropy DAO.

Great Community

Be part of a truly positive and uplifting community.

White-List Priority

Get automatic WL on other NFT projects in the Founder’s network.

Make Money

One of our guiding principles is to help our holders make money.

Leadership Resources

Access our network of successful business people to help you.
The Good Avocado

Kindness Manifesto

We discovered something special that brings joy to life.
A simple way of being that makes everything feel light.

It’s something that you’ve heard, but doesn’t need words.
A language of its own, known for its tone.

Quickly bonding strangers, it brings close friends closer.
Use this technique, and your loneliness is over.

Anyone can use it, but not enough do.
Very underrated, but if only they knew!

It’s free, powerful, and highly effective.
Moving us forward faster toward our objectives.

It costs us nothing but can earn us something.
Crazy that some are still out here stuntin.

We stand up to bad, the bullies, the evil.
Haters gonna hate. We lift up people.

A coolness and currency all wrapped in one.
We make more money, and have more fun.

Even when the world seems cruel, rotten, rude.
This is our choice. Our voice. We choose.

Behold as this attitude levels-up our health.
Our happiness, relationships, success, and wealth.

More than a virtue. A strategy. A method.
Ask Gary Vee... Highly recommended.

It’s in our DNA. Our character. Our nature.
Empowering us to serve something much greater.

Asking nothing in return, in the giving we receive.
Through our demonstration, you will come to believe.

With kindness in your heart, you’ll be winning from start.
A blazing torch that lights your path through the dark.

This is our superpower. Our duty. Our strength.
Catch us on the kindness train, on our way to the bank.

Aho! Good Avo

On The Horizon

Our Roadmap

Some Avocados were bullied and bruised by the rotten ones. They witnessed and experienced the negative impacts of this unsavory behavior, and decided to do something about it.
The Good Avocados Alliance is formed. Members vow to represent kindness on the Ethereum blockchain to lift up others in the metaverse and IRL.
Avocados are issued Hero Capes and custom apparel for kindness missions, and are grouped into specialized categories based on their unique attributes.
The ripe ones implement highly effective community growth efforts through social media and Discord marketing strategies.
Every Avocado finds a rightful owner on launch day who will be designated to receive the benefits and wealth that comes from being part of the Good Avocados community.
Verified holders who demonstrate kindness in our community are randomly rewarded with Kindness Crypto (ETH).
All holders begin receiving exclusive benefits including crypto giveaways and at least 2 FREE NFTs for every holder.
Creative Avocados enter into different competitions with art, memes, and writing to win high value prizes.
Philanthropic DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) is formed from VIP holders and selected Level members.
Good Act Fund is created and funded by secondary market sales and DAO begins nominating and voting on charities to receive donations.
Holders receive ongoing white-list priority for NFT drops throughout Founder’s network (huge value).
Good Avocados community continues to be a powerhouse of positivity, sharing kindness in the metaverse and IRL.


Our Team

Co-Founder, Entrepreneur, Chief Kindness Officer.
Ripe, Pitted, Square Shades, Grin, Backwards Cap, Aqua Neckerchief, Royal Blue Cape.
Co-Founder, Product Owner, Director of Partnerships.
Ripe, Basswoood, Mohawk, Headphones, Brown Eyes, Smirk, Lavender Cape.
Crypto Expert, Blockchain Developer, Smart Contracts.
Firm, Teak, Cowbow Hat, Eye Patch, Loud Mouth, Bitcoin Bling
Artist, Avocado Enthusiast,
VP of Kindness.
Rotten, Walnut, Crown, Brown Eyes, Dimples, Gold Bedazzled Cape
Director of Sweepstakes, Talent Scout, Partnerships.
On The Branch, Green, Pink Mohawk, Cat Shades, Bandana, Amused, Pink Cape
Director of Digital Marketing, Community Manager.
Overripe, Elm, Blue Beanie, Hero Mask, Scarf, Goofy.

Helpful Answers

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